I am Russ Dudek, ZEUSVU's Chief Pilot. I launched ZEUSVU with the awesome mission of enabling extraordinary visions - thru the power of eagle sight. Before taking flight with ZEUSVU, I started up new distribution networks for Amazon, researched with Intel, and innovated among the best at the Department of Defense and the Environmental Protection Agency. Along this journey, I created safety first cultures, optimized operations and envisioned unique applications of new technologies such as Drones.

ZEUVU pours on an extra thick layer of safety sauce by leveraging years of fortune 500 experience in creating safety cultures and the FAA’s safety protocols. Why? Because it just that important to our discerning customers and to the success of the pioneering commercial drone community.

ZEUSVU's Chief Pilot aced the FAA's Remote Pilot Exam scoring a 97%, soaring far above the competitors' 88%. This was achieved by insisting upon the highest standards and by being right a lot. Likewise, ZEUSVU obsesses over its customers!
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