AAS will be revolutionizing in-season field operations with agricultural drone spraying services. Our licensed and certified application team will leverage crop and field data established by your agricultural data platforms.

Whether the need is liquid or dry applications, we will have it covered. AAS will Fly & Apply everything from fertilizers, weed control chemicals, pesticides & insecticides to micronutrients, as well as inter-seed cover crop seeds, and even deploy beneficial insects.

For uses in local and state district agencies, we are able to:

•Spray larvicide over breeding zones with more precision; and

• Spray canal banks and right of ways for irrigation districts .

AAS drone mapping provides better insights into crops from above, serving as the foundation for work on the ground. It allows the farmer to turn images into insightful maps which helps with decision-making and can be shared quickly.

Drone mapping can provide the following insights:

•Field Inspection: Identify issues with quick-to-create high-resolution maps.

•Irrigation: Manage irrigation and minimize soil erosion by creating a digital surface model. This helps farmers understand irrigation variability and highlights areas at risk of erosion.

•Field Interpretation: Analyze different vegetation index maps to identify key crop areas that need to be addressed and ensure the sustainability of new techniques.

•Targeted Analysis: Generate comprehensive zone maps to identify how to achieve increased yields.

•Historical Analysis: Compare side-by-side maps to track a crop’s progress over time. This enables you to dig deeper into problem areas, take a closer look at patterns, and visualize how crop emergence and plant health played out through the entire growing season.

Winter rains help trees remain hydrated, which is one of the important aspects of cultivating a sweet and juicy cherry crop. However, rains which hit once cherries have ripened are a recipe for damaged fruit and lost crops.

In rainy weather, AAS Drones hover over orchards and fan the trees. Just like a giant blow dryer, our drones produce such powerful air streams that any water on the tree, leaves or fruit is blown off.

We can fly day or night!

Crop inspection and scouting by drone is becoming a key tool for crop insurance providers. AAS will create maps to validate and sustain insurance claims by capturing footprints of crop damage in a timely and less expensive manner than sending claim managers out in the field, which will reduce their time away from processing the claims.

Determine the condition of aging infrastructure by using drones to access difficult-to-reach locations, and gather the data you need both safely and efficiently.

Or, use periodic scans to help assess the rate at which it’s deteriorating.

Types of Inspection: Bridge, Building, Dam, Distribution Network, Telecom, Pipeline, Right-of-Way, Solar Farm, Tower, Transmission & Distribution Lines, Wind Farm.

Data: 3D Point Cloud, LiDAR, Mapping, Raw Images & Video, Thermal

Drones fitted with cameras and thermal imaging capabilities can monitor livestock movement and health, perform counts and check in on land working crews. Finding stray cattle and lost sheep, and detecting sick or injured animals can be performed by AAS to reduce the need for feet on the ground and enhance the information available to ranchers to manage livestock.
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