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Quality Dronography
Flights made 0
Average hourly rate $125
Location Philadelphia, PA
After becoming fascinated with flying I dove into the UAV industry with all my savings (wasn't much). Learned the basics on a cheap drone w/o gps knowing that working in a major city was going to require being able to fly unassisted. I've been shooting Small projects becoming more confident, and eventually I pre-ordering the newest drone at the time with 4K capability. During that awful wait that felt like forever, I focused on identifying my audience but ultimately realized that I want to do it all (Just can't afford to lol). Got a small compact workhorse from the most popular drone company DJI (which is great for the city with all these tall buildings that cause interference with gps, and started working. My most interesting work is with ATV's and Jetski footage and a music video. Everything was for friends and family which meant I didn't make a fortune but these things help to increase my skills, now I've changed and I find myself mostly shooting commercial Real Estate. I hope to use The Real Estate market to spearhead my business so that I can began scaling up. Up to more sophisticated equipment for inspections, mapping and cinema. My 1 year plan is to work towards approx 100k in quality equipment within my first year, without taking on any debt (Working hard and saving) as I already accumulated so much debt going through Grad school earning my Masters in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Genetics. I'd like to think I'm a pretty cool nerd, think of me like fire and ice lol #innovation #creativity #passion
Member since Dec. 7, 2017
License # 4067107
Insurance coverage $1.0 Million
Services Boating and water sports, Cinematography, Construction, Editing, Event, Other, Real Estate, Roof Inspection
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