About Home & Aloft, dba Bien Appraisal LLC

I am a Real Estate Appraiser by trade, EST 1984, and am an FAA Part 61 Certified Helicopter Private Pilot who has been an RC fixed wing and rotor wing enthusiast since childhood, obtaining my FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification in 2016 in order to provide camera drone services commercially. I am becoming very interested in what flying camera drones has to offer, not only honing my skills as an aerial and still photographer, but introducing me to the true art of video editing and cinematography. My goal is to provide the client with an affordable alternative for acquiring aerial and ground level still photos and video which portray the subject in its best light.

Certifications Held:
-PART 107 REMOTE PILOT (Unmanned Drone) #3926034 - (expired though will renew for steady work)-PART 61 PRIVATE PILOT (Manned Helicopter) #3486057- not for hire - (could upgrade to commercial rating if steady aerial imagery work becomes available).


Residential Video Tour

Park Flying, Tree Panning, Oklahoma Sunset

Driveway Basketball

Compilation; sports, aerial photo's, roof inspection

3DR Solo with GoPro Hero 4 Black