Flight Ventures Ltd (FVL) specializes in the safe, responsible, efficient and effective use of small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAV) and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones. FVL provides the ROI analysis, business integration and pilot flight services necessary for the profitable use of sUAS technologies.

Since FVL has been granted the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) 333 exemption (12284) and has obtained the Remote Pilot Certification (3956123), required to fly drones legally for commercial use, we assist those individuals or companies interested in related business opportunities, navigate this tricky environment to avoid costly fines, criminal charges, cease and desist orders, sanctions or equipment confiscations. We have been appointed by the FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) to the FAA Safety Team (FAAST) on sUAV usage and are a constant voice in helping bring awareness to unreasonable, cumbersome or economically detrimental rules and regulations.

We have developed several related courses including:
• Setting up an FAA compliant flight department
• Introduction to sUAVs, commonly referred to as drones
• Above the Ordinary, how to obtain quality aerial photography and videos from drones
• Beyond Remote Pilot Certification, passing the RPC test and maintaining FAA mandates
• sUAV Pilot Flight Training and Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Our mission is to:
• Provide accurate proof-of-concept (POC), cost / benefit, break-even and ROI analyses for utilizing drone technologies
• Share and apply the ever changing regulations to maintain compliant business functions
• Dramatically reduce safety risks inherent in human involvement, commercial operations
• Select appropriate mission specific sUAV aircraft and supporting equipment including related image, data gathering, ground based and software systems
• Establish comprehensive FAA, State and local compliancy procedures, along with supporting records and flight books, mandatory for satisfying FAA inspection and ramp check audits
• Train staff on safe and accurate flying including appropriate checklists, preflight planning and post flight analysis and recordkeeping
• Setting up sUAV backup, inspection, maintenance and repair procedures
• Keep an eye-on-the-future, introducing new, advancing technologies and retrofits that can further help companies meet their growth and profit objectives
• Serve as an expert witness for attorneys involved in the growing trespass law proceedings
Commercial sUAV usage includes aerial film making, photography, videography, surveying, emergency - first responder events, data acquisition, remote sensing, job site, structural and patrolling inspections for pipeline, energy, utility, construction, real estate, precision agriculture and other industries.

MEI, SEI, COMM, 2,650+ hours flight time.
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