About Z-Axis Droneography

My interest in flying drones started when I saw a DJI commercial a few years ago. Ever since then, I’ve worked to increase my knowledge of building and repairing drones, finding others who share my passion, and sharpening my flying skills by flying every chance that I get. I enjoy flying with my Dad on the weekends, creating competitions with fellow FPV drone pilots on weekends, and have even expanded to commercial drone work. So far I’ve had the privilege to work with multiple real estate companies in Nebraska where I have provided drone services to enhance their listings. I’ve also done photography for a major engineering firm based out of Lincoln, NE that used my photos for their ACEC Project of the Year nomination. In the near future I would like to expand this venture by working with realtors, engineers, architects, city officials and state agencies to increase the usage of drones. I look forward to what changes technology will bring in the near future.


Real Estate Example 1 - Full Length

Real Estate Example 2 - Full Length