About bengraff.com

I have been an entrepreneur and Digital Media professional for the majority of my life and have started, ran and sold a few creative firms. That background as both business owner and creative professional has given me the unique advantage of seeing the projects that I produce from 2 very important sides. The financial and operational side (essential for organizing details and managing budgets), and the creative side which is always a balance between wanting to do the "cool stuff” and never forgetting the responsibility you have when working intimately with large brands and accurately telling their story.

The past 6 years have found me at the helm of Luxurious Animals. A creative digital boutique with offices in SoHo New York. In addition to my operational duties I created and ran all aspects of it’s video production division. After many years away from the three Fs (family, friends and fresh air) I have returned to the capital region.

Ahhh, there’s nothin’ like the old neighborhood!

Creative Direction, Producing, Directing, Editing, Sound Design and Aerial Cinematography

Industry and brand experience:
Entertainment, Automotive, Liquor and Lifestyle, Manufacturing, Food, Fashion and Beauty.

My favorite gigs include: Dolby, HBO, Panera, Porsche, Corona, Puma/Cobra Golf, Proctor & Gamble, Google, New Balance and Adobe.


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