Currently seeking UAS work for various applications including but not limited to: agriculture, cinematography/photography/videography, construction, infrastructure, real estate, inspections, survey and mapping, and flight testing/emerging technologies. Notable projects from recent undergraduate work listed below:

UAS Aircraft Proposal Project Fall 2018
• Presented aircraft proposal for oil rig inspection company in a mock capstone exercise
• Created cost analysis charts and tables as well as an implementation timeline for client
• Researched cost-effective unmanned aircraft systems to replace customer’s manned aircraft fleet
• Compiled mission objectives and requirements for team

Autonomous Aircraft Data Mapping Fall 2018
• Programmed 3DR Solo and Phantom 4 quadcopters to fly specified patterns over operational area
• Surveyed land using UAVs onboard camera payloads adjusted to specific settings
• Compiled photos in Agisoft Photoscan to create a 3D model of operational area

UAV Design, Build, Fly Project Spring 2018
• Designed and built a quadcopter to meet specific cost and operational requirements
• Calibrated speed controllers, GPS, autopilot, and flight controller through Mission Planner GCS
• Demonstrated aerial capabilities by conducting an autonomous flight over a small field
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