About New England Drone Services LLC

We provide aerial videography and photography throughout New England, providing an array of services to private individuals and commercial enterprises. Currently operating Inspire 2 with a p4 as a back up.

As the founder and operator of New England Drone Services, I am a FAA licensed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot – and fully insured.

I’m also a licensed paramedic, an experienced OSHA instructor, and licensed real estate agent. Whatever your need – from showcasing real estate to EMS/fire/police applications to commercial surveys – I have the experience to respond to your needs, promptly and professionally.

Our fees are competitive and we take pride in providing excellent service. Get in touch with us by phone or email so we can discuss your needs – I look forward to meeting you! www.nedroneservices.net for more samples of our work and information about the services we provide.

We cove all of New England, New York, and Pennsylvania. We have even been to Puerto Rico!
No location is too remote. We like challenges.


Demo Reel

Sunrise over Blue Bill Cove Portsmouth Rhode Island