About R. Alan Boyle

I've been part of lots of amazing projects; I've flown up glaciers and volcanoes in Iceland, through the locks of the Panama Canal, and alongside manned aircraft (legally) at the Mojave Air & Spaceport. I've inspected the largest solar farm in America, Natural Gas pipelines, and power transmission poles. I've been part of the recovery efforts of hurricanes Matthew, Harvey and Irma. I am particularly proud of my Emmy for work in the early days of drone cinematography; I'm honored to have worked for IMAX, Paramount, Netflix, Discovery, National Geographic and many more. I worked on Baywatch, Den of Thieves, Godless, and a ton of television programming. I've also shot more music videos than I can count.

I've been at this a long time and would be glad to work with you.


2017 Reel