AeroFrohne delivers high resolution aerial & ground based videos and photos at an affordable price.

Telecommunications: Cell Tower

• Site Audits
o General condition of the cell tower 20 minutes – 1 hour | 50$-150$ per site
• Surveys
o Overall - 360° orbit of the tower and compound
o Compound - Closer in 360° orbit of the compound
o Scale Capture - Image capture orientation rig and scaling constraints
o Tower Face Survey – 360° Down and up orbits of existing antenna mounts
o Ground photos and Site Data sheets
• Bird Nesting
o Vertical flight to capture videos and or photos of the birds nest
o Drone Harmony and Copterus, WebODM

Roof Damage Inspections: One of the most common uses for drones by insurers is rooftop inspections. Roofs are notoriously difficult and hazardous to inspect. An inspection is particularly dangerous if a roof is steep or has suffered fire damage. Rather than climb onto the roof to take pictures, an adjuster can use a drone equipped with a camera. Cameras used on drones can capture very detailed images. Moreover, a drone can photograph the entire roof, including parts of the structure that aren't accessible to a human.
• Aerial Inspection

Roof Inspection 1.0
Residential Price $125
Commercial Price $250+
Roof Inspection Sample
Sample Package Google Drive Link:

· 10-20 Aerial photos of roof
o -90° camera angle bird’s eye view from 5 – 15’
· 10-20 Aerial photos of facades
o Showcase facades/panel with angles at various heights
· 10-20 Aerial photos of gutter
o Bird’s eye view -90° camera angle
· 8 Aerial photos of roof
o Cardinal directions (S,SW,W,NW,N,NE,E,SE)
· 10-20 Aerial photos of roof damage
o Photos of damage at various heights and angles
· Complete roof report
o Description of roof and detail damages
o Building location
§ -90° camera tilt (bird’s eye view) from the sky
o Roof Diagram
§ Roof legend for cardinal directions
o Length Measurement Report
§ Eaves, Ridges, Step flashing, valleys, rakes, transitions hips, wall flashing
o Area Measurement Report
§ Total low pitch, two story, predominant pitch (area), and total area
o Pitch + Measurement Report
o All Structures Summary Report

Commercial & Residential Real Estate: Sell real estate listings more efficiently and attract more clients by revealing your commercial property from an aerial perspective. 48 Mega Pixel (MP) High quality aerial video/Photo - such as 360° panoramas, 180° images, supersede, and video tours - illustrate your properties’ proximity to nearby amenities, roads, and features.

Engineering & Construction:

Surveying & mapping
intro Price (less than 25 acres): $350
Less than 160 acres $650+

o 1 – 3.6 cm average GSD depending on altitude
o -90° camera angle bird’s eye view
• Topographical Survey
o Digital elevation model (DST/DSM)
o 2D aerial ortho photo (GeoTIFF)
• Complete ODM Quality report
o Dataset summary
 Date
 Area Covered
 Processing Time
o Processing Summary
 Reconstructed images
 Reconstructed Points (Sparse)
 Reconstructed Points (Dense)
 Average Ground Sampling Distance (GSD)
 Detected features
 Reconstructed features
 Geographical reference (GPS)



107.29 - Daylight Operations (Exp: Sept. 30, 2024) - Fly a UAS at night

Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Droners Approved Pilot