Passionate about using media (photos, video, 360 content) to tell a story or communicate a location or concept. Not only do I enjoy flying my drone and capturing awesome footage but I like helping people share that content.

I co-founded Togotiki a software platform dedicated to helping professionals, businesses and amateurs create and share virtual tours and interactive videos. These really help viewers understand every aspect of your location or business.

Part of my work sometimes involves production and coordination of location shoots. Other times I just work as the drone pilot and capture the material needed by the client. I like working with others and being part of a team, but can handle working alone on assignments or projects as needed.

Insurance coverage can be acquired per job - please specify if required.

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  Cinematography, Surveying & Mapping, Other

  Boating And Water Sports, Cinematography, Editing, Real Estate, Other

  Agriculture, Cinematography, Editing, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Wedding, Other

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