I primarily focus on collecting days for energy efficiency and commercial & industrial (C&I) projects. This includes visual (image/video) inspections, photogrammetry and building energy modeling (I'm a Certified Energy Manager), mapping, and general site inspections.

While not a licensed land surveyor, I have nearly a decade of experience in the land surveying / CE industry (as the "guy with the stick") and can use this experience to assist in projects with surveying phases.

With a strong maritime background (and a boat), I can access sites that require safe waterway navigation, however I would prefer to limit this to southeast MA or northeast RI.

I will also provide UAV services that I believe I can accomplish (real estate photography, etc) as I'm always looking to add flight time and experience to my portfolio.

  Agriculture, Construction, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Surveying & Mapping

  Construction, Real Estate, Roof Inspection

  Infrastructure, Roof Inspection, Other

  Construction, Infrastructure, Surveying & Mapping

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