You have a goal and I help you achieve it.

Your construction company needs up-to-date photos and models to keep projects on time and spot problems before they become major. Call Prism.

You'd like silky smooth aerial video. You want that perfect wedding shot. Call Prism.

You know there has to be a better solution to get a 3D terrain model or topographic map. Maybe you're a surveyor and you need help collecting survey-grade data. Call Prism, we've probably worked with a similar problem before.

Your company needs a unique photograph or video that emphasizes what makes you special. Perhaps you need a smart video or panorama to showcase your company to your customers. Call Prism. We've even done tight timelines of less than 2 days to delivery.

Your company needs large-scale data collection customized to fit your needs in inspection, mapping, modeling, marketing, or another industry segment. The data needs to be consistent, high-quality, and without compromises. Call Prism. No really, you should send us a message and get in touch today.

You have a goal and I help you achieve it. I'm a certified Part 107 drone pilot with a focus on photogrammetry. I've been a pilot for more than two years and most of my clients have been large enterprises with company worths over $1B. I love helping you get the data you need. I build professional, insanely high-quality, custom photo and video packages suited to you. Book a flight today and realize your dream.
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