I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with multiple organizations as a pilot in command, learning many different ways to utilize the broad range offered by UAV Applications. My personal, and professional experiences have contributed to the range of skills I have on offer:

Extensive experience in the burgeoning drone industry:
- Over 750 flight hours logged in a five year span
- Piloting experience on multiple platforms, including DJI, Uvify, eBee, and Sensefly products
- Experienced in a range of applications - including 3D mapping, and public safety
- Desire to share knowledge, and network with other drones pilots - both old and new

Ability to lead, delegate, and grow small teams:
- I strive to put the needs of the team above my own personal achievements
- I speak tech and exec
- I can manage expectations well from the top down
- My narratives excite, and motivate team members into inspiration, and subsequent action

Passion for learning, and sharing knowledge
- Constantly learning, never settling for what is known to the industry
- Perpetually seeking out additional points of data, and developments in software/hardware
- I also enjoy piloting as a hobby, which means I love my work

I am very interested in meeting new people, seeing new places, and gaining additional perspectives. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you want to talk about emerging tech, software developments, or drones in general.




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