Growing up in a Aviation Environment, I always knew that I would be a Professional Pilot. I earned my Pilots License when I was 17 and went on to earn my advanced ratings a year later and was earning my income Flying before I turned 19 years old. At 25 I earned my Airline Transport Pilot Rating and went on to become a Jet Captain and was qualified to fly 3 different types of Jets. To date, I have logged over 15,000 hours of flight time! I had a wonderful and Successful Career as a Professional Pilot but I always knew that I would like to do something different at this point in my life. Becoming a Unmanned Aircraft System’s Pilot (The Official Name for a Drone) has definitely been something different and I Have really enjoyed the challenge of learning something New while still in a familiar environment. I Firmly believe in Providing Excellence in Service and I look forward to Providing you with such. Again, Thank You for your Consideration!
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