About Drone Pilot, LLC

Michael Reilly CEO of Drone Pilot LLC, has been flying commercial for over two years. He attended drone ground pilot school before obtaining his Part 107 license. He has completed training in residential and commercial roof inspections, construction sites aerial photography, real estate photography, wedding photography, aerial mapping, video editing and most recently, aerial thermal imagery. Michael recently obtained his level 1 certification in Aerial Thermography from ITC. He is trained and experience with Drone Deploy, Pix4D Capture, Precision Flight, FLIR Tools and apps such as Airmap, DJI Go 4 and Kittyhawk.

Drone Pilot's fleet of aircraft consist of:

DJI Phantom,
DJIPhantom 4 Advanced
DJI Phantom 4 Pro
DJI Inspire Pro with an XT thermal camera
Yuneec typhoon H

All the the aircraft are licensed and insured. The Phantom series are now being flown with a Parazero parachute for safety.

Michael has flown missions for clients such as:

North American Roofing
Home Depot


Testing Yuneec Typhoon H with real sense module and ND filter

Hunting for 12 ft alligator named "Alex"

Flat roof inspection with my smaller Parrot drone.

Full wedding video with music