Perception Imagery Inc. (Pii) provides unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner to achieve high quality aerial imagery and video. Pii prides itself in taking all necessary steps to ensure that data is collected according to FAA regulations. Operators are required to have completed and passed ground school and the Private Pilot Knowledge Test administered by the FAA. Additional considerations include weather and geographic factors, which are identified to ensure the safety of the general public and abide by air space regulations. Maintenance of the aircraft is scheduled according to the manufacturer’s recommendation to further decrease risk, ensuring safe and efficient flight.

Perception Imagery Inc. has provided value to agencies, organizations, and individuals for the last 2 years. Pii has provided a 400' perspective through projects as diverse as marketing material for agencies and realtors, photographing weddings, mapping farmland, inspecting municipality structures, responding to flood events, and conducting construction tracking. Pii utilizes a DJI Phantom 3 Professional to deliver 4k video and vivid 12 megapixel photos. Pii prides itself on leveraging server technology to live stream video from the field to the office providing customers a 400' vantage point on their area of interest.

Pii also touts over 9 years of geodetic survey and GIS exhibit creation. Leveraging UAV technology with GIS provides a geographic approach to solving problems. Pii utilizes ArcGIS and live streaming technology to provide a location of the aircraft and the videos frame. This paring of technology can be used for emergency response, where decision makers need location and extents of the affected area. Pii also provides geodetic survey and 3d mapping utilizing Pix4d software. This software enables Pii to quickly obtain 2cm accurate ortho-imagery and 3D point clouds which can than be utilized for as-builting, design, and engineering.
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  Real Estate, Roof Inspection

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