About P.A.V.D.I.S. LLC.

I have been operating Camera equipped quad-copters for over 2 years primarily filming Motorsports activities. I am an FAA Certified/Licensed and Insured Remote Pilot. I also currently have authorization from the FAA for Night time operations. I enjoy shooting real estate (interior and exterior,) Construction site progress management, Mapping and inspections. I also shoot Motorsports and events. My goal is to assist clients in furthering their marketing potential by producing exceptional image quality from aerial platforms as well as performing difficult visual inspections while minimizing risks and costs. I currently use an INSPIRE 1 Pro and a Phantom 3 Pro drones. Both of these platform excel at precision stabilized flight and 4K quality images. I also currently use an Olympus Micro 4/3 Still camera and a stabilized hand help gimble for interior video.


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