About Osprey Media

Hey there! I'm Adam. I'm so glad you're here on my profile and you think I'm interesting enough to read about. I am the owner and founder of Osprey Media and I couldn't be more excited about what we're doing. For the last several years it has been a dream of mine to get into video production and Osprey Media is the result of me making my dreams come true. I gotta tell you, it feels amazing. I started this business with little to no experience in the industry, but with some hard work, many hours of studying, and some help from mentors it all came together.

Some of my favorite projects are the ones where I can capture epic scenery with my drone. Whether it's a real estate listing, a company lifestyle video, or a wedding; I love to captivate the viewer with scenes that will take their breath away.

Outside of Osprey Media, I am a husband to an amazing supportive wife, and a father to two strapping young boys. I'm a very blessed man to have all that I have. While video production is my business, it's also one of my hobbies so, often in my free time, I can be found working on side projects just for fun. I also love the outdoors and take great pleasure from exploring my home state of Utah.


Osprey Landscapes Demo Reel

The Lodge at Red River Ranch