About Skybase Aerial Solutions

I am a US Army Veteran with 15 years as a licensed single engine land aircraft pilot. I just recently got into drones less than one year ago.

I work primarily as a real estate appraiser and have used the drone to survey subject properties. I am also licensed as a real estate agent in the State of Iowa and soon to become a Broker.

As a student of the real estate market, I believe I bring a unique perspective to drone photography as I know the key elements buyers and/or prospective tenants are looking for in real estate purchases.

My most recent inspection involved photographing the exterior of a structure that was 8 stories high and would have otherwise required a lift or a repelling crew to inspect mortar joints and other physical deterioration, which was likely in need of repair. In one hour, I was capable of providing the engineer, 89 high-resolution photographs for him to use in assessing the repairs needed at the site. What would have cost him $3000 and 3.5 hours of time for setup, execution and tear down using traditional methods, it cost the engineer $300, and 1.5 hours of his time.

My rates vary upon travel requirements, post-production editing, the probability of recurring site visits, the risk of property damage, and complexity of the task.


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