About N V Aerial & Ground Productions LLC

I have been working in the mining industry for a little over 10 years now and the majority of the time has been spent in the field as a Surveyor, or an Environmental Technician. Wearing myself out out on a daily inspection, or a walk around a leach pad, or massive waste dump; collecting data from a GPS on my back to configure a volume or contours. I had always imagined something in the air that could make life more simple. I am not afraid of hard work and I did it long enough, but I feel passionate about working smarter, not harder.

Before my time in the mining industry I learned about cameras, design, film, editing, photography, marketing, producing, and directing. It was my dream job to become a producer of a theatrical film. Well, one was not born in the industry and I am not friends with all those great producers, so I thought education would be the key to my success. After an Associates in Media Arts, a Bachelors in Entertainment Business, and soon onto an MBA; still nothing of my dreams, until I received a gift one year that turned it all around - my first drone.

During my first flight with my new drone, it all came to me. All those years of experience in the field, dreaming of an easier way to accomplish a goal and now technology at it best and about to get better and I am flying a camera - HOLY COW! This was going to be my success. I wanted nothing but to start a drone business from that point and since have been determined to make peoples lives or jobs easier, faster, less strenuous, safer, and not to mention more fun.

So that is how I created N V Aerial & Ground Productions LLC. I enjoy capturing the big picture in less the time and now my job has become more fun. I have a great success services team behind me to help generate clients needs. From launch to capture, land and results, everything is generated in the cloud and delivered in formats that import nicely into most GIS systems today. I am looking forward to growing with this industry and learning as much as I can everyday.


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