We are now offering aerial inspections and mapping with a VTOL sUAS. Notus Access group has been granted the 333 Exemption by the FAA to offer commercial aerial inspection services to our clients. Our sUAS is a high-performance, aerial system that can be hand launched/recovered by a single person in any weather. The vehicle weighs less than one pound and can go from a stowed configuration to airborne in under 30 seconds to provide rapid situational awareness. Our sUAS can operate in steady winds up to 30 mph. The aircraft uses 100% custom control algorithms derived from Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) biomimetic research of hawk moths in turbulent winds and collisions. Our sUAS offers stability, position hold, and responsiveness unlike any other sUAS despite its low mass, small size.

Utilizing the Ground Control Station’s first person view the pilot can freely reposition the vehicle’s camera during flight. Precision position hold enables continuous surveillance with minimal correction.The Ground Control Station can be used from the prone position without any external antennas and provides a high nit, transreflective daylight readable screen with simple, intuitive on screen information.

Keeping your blades healthy is vital to achieving maximum performance. With regular scheduled inspections and regular maintenance, Notus Access Group can optimize your blade efficiency. Notus Access Group provides its clients with high quality photo and video with audio and written documentation for superior blade inspection reports.

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