About Knoxville Drone Company

When I separated from the Air Force, I got a job as a contractor Airborne Sensor Operator (ASO) as for the US Army and I loved seeing the world from above. It's simply amazing seeing what the birds see and so I naturally was attracted to flying drones. You never know how beautiful your surroundings are until you're viewing them from 200 feet in the air. The part that fascinates me the most is everything drones are capable of that most people are unaware of. We are able to use special sensors to analyze agriculture and determine plant and crop health, water distribution issues and more. We can use infrared to see where heat or cool air is escaping your home and inspect solar panels to see which ones are working properly. And then you have your high resolution imagery and 4k video that helps real estate agents market their listings, coal mine and aggregates measure stockpiles without shutting down, surveyors and developers get elevation maps quicker and safer than traditional methods and much more. Almost everyday I'm reading about how drones have helped a company save time, money and in some cases someone's life. Every time I read these stories, it excites me more about what else these drones are capable of providing the world.

I love all things tech and am constantly reading about what else I can do to provide high quality products to my customers. My wife and I have two kids and they love watching the drone fly around our house and are always asking if I can go fly it and get pictures of them from above.

If you would like to talk about what drones can do you for you, don't hesitate to ask. Even if you use someone else, I love sharing what drones can bring to people's industries and will gladly do so. I'm a firm believer in helping people out whenever I can, so if helping you understand the capabilities of these magnificent flying machines is what you need, then that's what I'll do. Just let me know.


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