Aerial mapping helps to assess a site before bidding, progress photos help construction stay on track, hi-def geo-tagged orthomosaic TIFF files will allow for accurate distance measurements, and 3D and point cloud data can be exported into Revit, AutoCAD, and other BIM software platforms for further analysis. The range of aerial applications is expanding rapidly and the technology is becoming safer and more reliable.

Each construction project is unique and requires a thorough site assessment before any flying is done. At Masek Imaging we have the know how and the equipment to deliver the right data for your needs and will work with you personally to set up a safe, repeatable, and efficient workflow that fits your needs.

Masek Imaging LLC uses AeroPoints PPK system made by Australian company Propeller to acquire precise geospatial coordinates of ground control points and then we process the GPS-corrected drone images using cloud-based software by DroneDeploy. To keep the ASPRS standard, we use checkpoints to monitor accuracy of each flight. We deliver the finished datasets in either global or custom coordinate system within 24hrs from the completion of the flight

Best way to use drones in construction is to set recurring visits and monitor the site throughout the entire process. Typically we recommend bi-weekly or monthly fly-overs. You can conveniently set up dates of the visits in advance or depending on the construction schedule, and we will take care of the rest.
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