About William Sunderhaus

UAS Operations conducted:

-->operated DJI M600 Pro equipped with Riegl LiDAR sensor
--> Operations performed: large area scan, power-line inspection, substation inspection, and AEC area scan.

- Power-line inspection
--> operated X7 and X5 camera on DJI Inspire 2
--> inspected transmission style power-lines (wood, steel, lattice)

- Bolingbrook Golf Club
--> Inspire 1 equipped with Sentera Multispectral sensor
--> Operation was conducted to monitor the health of the turf.

- Moody Cemetery Orthomosaic and Marketing video
--> Phantom 3 Pro: Used for flight planning and orthomosaic flight.
--> Autel X-Star: Used to capture marketing images and video.
--> Topographical image created with DroneDeploy

-Invasive Plant Species
--> Research conducted by sustainability club
-->Operation was to capture aerial photographs of a clear cut grove. Images were used as a base line to compare against images captured after a set period of time
-->Autel X-Star

-Br. James Student Center
--> Autel X-Star
--> Orthomosaic capture of active construction site
--> 3D model was created to show the progress of the construction
-->Volumetrics performed with RGB imagery through DroneDeploy


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