I saw my kids growing up too fast and wanted to be around more. Feeling helpless working my 8-5 job I decided to make a change. Coming from a family with an aviation background and having been obsessed with flight since my youth, I decided to put my passion to work.

I have been building and flying model aircraft as long as I can remember. From paper airplanes to fast electric wings, progressing to FPV equipped models with autonomous flight and the quad copters now more commonly known as "drones." With more than 10 years of RC and manned flight experience under my belt, I decided to quit my job of 15 years and go into business for myself. Now I have a new perspective on life, choosing my own hours and can now turn my attention to the things that really matter.

Now, my kids are getting some much needed 'dad time' and I am now doing something that I love.
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