About Nicholas D.

I love what I do, and take pride in all my work. Been doing all types of photography for over 10 years such as landscapes, infrastructure and people. I love to take breathtaking video and photography with my drone. Aerial photography takes imaging and video to new heights! The quality and realism of Aerial photography is utterly striking and invokes emotion. Drone technology takes you to points of view that were never before in reach. Now, anything is possible. the sky is literally the limit.

Having a musical background gives me a unique ability. If your video needs background music, I can create a custom score, and mix it into the edit of your video, making it copyright and royalty free! Never need to worry about copyright infringement, or paying royalties on the music.


Clogged Gutter Inspection


Roof Inspection (Overview)

Roof Inspection (Detailed)

Chimney Inspection


Real Estate Video