Greetings, I have always had an affinity towards the wild blue yonder, who doesn't right. To soar like an eagle through the sky. As a child and adolescent, I had many model RC flyers(with many crashing), and moving to todays advanced quadcopters(with a lot less crashing), there is nothing I enjoy better then that unique view from above. That different view. Flying as a hobbyist for many years and knowing how this new UAS technology could be useful in many sectors. I have trained and studied many fields and how UAS's could be employed. With this in mind, I became a FAA Certified 107 Pilot in 2018. Since then I have conducted dozens of commercial flights. I am also a current ITC certified Level I Thermographer. Talking about that different view. Thermal gives us a unique view of our world through temperature. With many useful applications. So if you have a different view you'd like us to share in, let us know.

  Cinematography, Other, Real Estate

  Cinematography, Other

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RJ Nelson
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D&Ds Aerial Views provided me a phenomenal service. The pilot was highly responsive, provided great communication of his work process, and delivered plenty of high quality drone shots and videos of the 10 acre plot of land I'm in the process of purchasing. The project was done well within the time window the pilot specified as well. I'm highly pleased with the service and I definitely will be working with D&Ds Aerial Views again on future projects. Highly recommended!

July 29, 2020

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