About Steven Braswell

I originally started the electronics aspect 12 years ago in college. After college I started working for a company that I still currently work for Nashville Medical Electronics as a Biomedical Engineer, which has helped me to hone my skills in the knowledge of electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.
4 years ago my son ended up getting a drone for Christmas, of course he ended up wrecking it and while I was repairing it I thought to myself,” I can build one much better then this.” Since then I’ve built 4 drones and have been obsessed with drones/ aerial footage and the possibilities they bring.
Let sum things up as you probably have more important things to do then to read about how passionate I am about aerial footage. I believe my knowledge of these systems and components that go into these drones set me apart from other pilots.


Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

Tennessee State Capitol Building

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