About DigitalRoamer Media LLC

I'm an ex-military aviation technical flight crewman providing sUAS mapping services for construction, building inspection, mining and quarrying worksites. Aerial imaging assignments have included client projects; Prologis logistics center construction worksites (4), Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google Charleston East and Workday Development Center campus construction mapping, New York Times aerial imaging, Hines Commercial Real Estate construction - 400 | 450 Concar Dr, Alexandria Real Estate Equities San Francisco SoMa building construction, and Pier 39 Marina 4k aerial cinematography production.

January 2018, I was assigned to monthly survey and map a 700 acre mine and quarry in Northern California. I'm directly responsible for the flight plan creation, aerial mapping and setting GCP AeroPoints within a designated mining area actively supporting physical GCPs onsite for quarry survey accuracy.

I'm versed in 4K cinematography and have developed an Ultra HD workflow filming in native 6K recording with a downres to a 4K deliverable product. We can record in RAW 4K, 5.2K and 6K CinemaDNG using our Inspire 2 aircraft inventory Our 4K production objective is to provide a high-quality product and make video production affordable enough to become an integral part of all client marketing and communications projects.

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