From an early age, I was drawn to the skies - the idea of soaring above and witnessing the world from a different perspective captivated me. Little did I know that this fascination would lead me to discover my true passion: aerial photography and videography.

With every drone flight, I felt an exhilarating rush, as if I had the power to capture the beauty of the world from a bird's-eye view. This passion for flight and visual storytelling ignited a drive within me to master the art of aerial media.

Over the years, I dedicated countless hours to honing my skills as a drone pilot and photographer, continuously pushing the boundaries of what was possible with this incredible technology. I immersed myself in learning the technical aspects of drone operations, studying the intricacies of various camera systems, and exploring innovative editing techniques.

As my expertise grew, I found myself gravitating towards specific specialties within aerial media. Over-water shoots became one of my favorite challenges, capturing the tranquility and allure of vast bodies of water from above. The reflections, the play of light, and the serenity of the sea offered endless opportunities for artistic expression.

Yacht photography became another specialty that resonated deeply with me. Capturing the elegance and grandeur of luxurious yachts from a drone's perspective was a unique thrill. I loved the challenge of showcasing the craftsmanship and details of these vessels while conveying the opulence of life on the water.

Real estate aerial photography and videography opened doors to a world of creativity and impact. I cherished the opportunity to help realtors and homeowners highlight properties from breathtaking angles, enhancing their appeal and drawing potential buyers in with awe-inspiring visuals.

My journey in aerial photography and videography has been a rollercoaster of unforgettable experiences, and it continues to fuel my determination to deliver the best results for every project. The joy of capturing moments that resonate deeply with clients and their audiences is truly unparalleled.

Today, as the founder of Aerial Media Group, I take immense pride in leading a team of talented professionals who share my passion for elevating perspectives. With cutting-edge equipment and a commitment to excellence, we strive to deliver exceptional visual narratives that leave a lasting impression.

To me, aerial photography and videography are not merely professions; they are a way of life. It's the art of seeing the world from above and immortalizing its beauty through the lens of a drone. I am grateful every day for the opportunity to pursue my passion and create stunning visuals that inspire, amaze, and bring joy to those who experience them.

  Boating And Water Sports, Cinematography

  • DJI Mini 3 Pro
  • 1/1.3" CMOS
  • 1" CMOS
  • 4K Video
  • Indoor 3D Capture Camera
  • 2020 Adobe Premiere Pro
  • AccuWeather
  • DJI Go
  • DroneDeploy

Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Droners Approved Pilot