About Northern UAV

Most of my professional experience has been with Aerial Cinematography. My greatest cinematography accomplishment has been the Saint Anthony Falls mission. I have practiced automated missions for terrain mapping, construction, scouting, and inspections. I am ready to take on missions in those categories as well.

I am experienced using DJI Go, DJI Go4, DJI GS Pro, DroneDeploy, and Litchi applications. I fly DJI Phantom(s) 4 Pro and 3 Advanced. Additionally, I have experience repairing DJI Phantom drone hardware. It's like a desktop computer, but instead of keyboard, monitor, and mouse, there are motors and sensors. It's essentially just a flying computer in that sense.

I am willing to travel up to 500 miles for a client, depending on the nature of the work. I am eager to work, and can be flexible on my pricing to a degree. COI and references can be provided upon request.


Spoonbridge and Cherry

The Kenilworth Canal

Saint Anthony Falls

Murder at the Fruen Mill