About Trident Aerial Imagery

I have been Designing, Building, and Flying Remote Aircraft/Drones/UAVs for over 15 years. I have a bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. For my master thesis I design and built an autonomous flying Tricopter years before the takeoff of the UAV industry. I've published technical UAV design articles for publication in AMA; consultant with security, insurance, and design companies on performance and industry utilization; was the Chief Technology Officer for a Maritime Drone Startup; and currently a member of an ASME special working group for the use of UAVs for inspections of critical infrastructure. I been working commercially and certificated as a remote pilot since the first day the new Part 107 came into effect. Since then I have completed over 350 flights with over 80hrs logged of commercial flying for residential and commercial real estate, promotional photography and videography, construction survey, and roof/asphalt inspections. Please check us out in www.droneglastonbury.com


Sample 1 Real Estate Video

Sample 2 Real Estate Video

203 Cotton Hollow Rd, Glastonbury, CT

315 Feldspar Ridge, Glastonbury, CT 06033

2017 Year-in-Review

Portland Head Light, Maine

Gillette Castle, East Haddam, CT