As an independent freelancer, my vision is to develop and create video projects for people across the New Jersey and New York areas. With my drone, I have done projects for real estate, commercials, and establishing shot B-roll. My passion is creativity, and my favorite shoots are the ones I have done for music videos, movies, and short films.

I have a long background in film and the art of visual language. I graduated with honors from the College of New Jersey’s School of Arts and Communications with a BA in Film and Television. I used my experience to create my own LLC called Shadow Bear Productions. As a freelancer, I have gained valuable skills in time management and dealing with a wide range of clients. Time and again, clients have complimented my efficiency, creativity, and communication skills.

As a drone pilot, I am always looking to expand any project and add a unique perspective that only drones are able to provide.

  Agriculture, Boating And Water Sports, Cinematography, Construction, Editing, Event, Real Estate, Surveying & Mapping, Wedding, Other

Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Droners Approved Pilot