About Grunts Pilot Bots

I have been flying drones for a few years now, and got my section 107 license. Most of my work currently consists of real estate photography but I am working on a timelapse at a big construction site for an engineering firm. I also built a good working relationship with the management of the Plattsburgh Airport so I am able to fly just about anywhere in Plattsburgh NY without much trouble. In addition to the drones I also have equipment in order to make VR tours of sites and I plan to add that to my list of services offered. My fee is based on $300 an hour but its billed in half hour increments. Most real estate jobs take less then a half hour so most cost $150 plus mileage as applicable is added on top. If you bring a flash drive or an external hard drive you can get the photos on site otherwise I use dropbox. There are discounts for real estate jobs if orders are done in bulk (like if you have 5+ properties).


Video of a burned old school. (project for my youtube channel)

Fort Montgomery. (project for my youtube channel)

Fort Montgomery again (project for my youtube channel)