About Tillman's Trades

I am Part 107 licensed. I have both North Carolina's Public and Government UAS Operator Permits
I have a Daylight Waiver
I have been flying for over a year and have 45 hours doing roof inspections, property panoramas, and realty property pictures. I have certifications from Stockpile and EagleView for survey and inspections. I have a daylight waiver. I have my radio license and hand held air band radio to monitor and talk as needed on the air band frequency. I have one drone configured to do air drops. I do fly by Easter egg drops at parties. I can drop items for search and rescue, like water, first aid kit, GPS unit, radio, walkie-talkie, and flashlight. I can configure a drone for high res pictures with the Mapir RGB survey Camera or the side looking digital camera for stills or video independent of the drone camera.
I have the FLIR Vue Pro mounted with the PraditIR transmitter and monitoring system for flying thermography missions.
I use the Canon Rebel T7 for non-drone images and video.
I use the ParaZero SafeAir parachute system when flying. This system deploys a parachute, stops the rotors, slows the decent, and prevents major damage to my drone and to any people or property in the event of an airborne malfunction.



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