A few years back a friend sent me a drone video shot from above Lake Tahoe looking down at a 200 foot pier on the east shore. It was captivating to see such epic beauty of that caliber the way it is supposed to be seen -- from the sky.

Ever since then I have sought to recreate that same feeling of awe from the imagery, color and light in every video and still shot. And with huge advances in technology just in the last two years, your timing to get your own drone photographs and video of your real estate or construction or mapping project is excellent.

The types of things I would like to learn about your project are basic and are focused on what you are trying to accomplish. For instance: Who is the audience for your project? What do you want your images to accomplish? How will that audience utilize your photographic assets? Are you under a time or project constraint? Do you have in mind how you would like your images shot or would you prefer to leave that to your pilot/photographer? Is there a particular budget you need to stay within? Is there a time of day or type of weather preference? Is your project in need of recurring photography or videography or will a single shoot meet your needs?

A short phone call at 925.788.9586 will allow me to quote the service you need, or, if you prefer email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I am an FAA Certified Drone Pilot (#3997590), experienced, fully insured and based in the San Francisco East Bay.
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