About G.I.M. Productions, Inc

G.I.M. Productions, Inc (GIM) is a new evolution software development company. We diverge from the fundamental philosophy that the creation of software is limited to the traditional stereotype of the supporting application. The advancement of technology has orchestrated new processes and functions that were not available in the past. Animation, video, voice instruction, integrated telephony and other communication; as well as, the software itself are expected in applications created in today’s market.

GIM has successfully created many applications incorporated into what is obviously the new role of information technology. Our ability to create complicated applications has given us the privilege of being selected as one of the top 10 emerging technology companies in the United States (as selected by Silicon Valley Bank in Silicon Valley California) and therefore showcased in the 2004 presentations.

Historically, GIM has created the concept, designed the architecture, developed the application, and finally deployed many applications that have been successfully been used in various markets.


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