I started flying drones in the summer of 2020. A friend/coworker of mine had his own drone business and was trying to convince me to get into drones as well. So reluctantly, I bought my first ever drone. It was the original DJI Mavic Pro and I learned the basics of how to fly a drone. Then in October of 2021 I tested for my Part 107 license and passed with an 82. I was super excited to finally have the certificate to do commercial drone work. With that, I bought the newer DJI Air2S and then really began to learn how to fly, take high quality photo and video, and edit them in post. I took courses on drone photography, as well as drone videography. With these skills I created a promotional reel for a volunteer organisation I work with and a town reel for the city I live in. Then, deciding to finally get serious about building a business, I established my LLC for my drone services in December of 2022 and named it Altitude Aerial Media. Since then, I've done a fair amount of real estate work with my drone, created a new promo reel, and even created a promo reel for a good friend of mine who owns a pressure washing business. It was a proud moment when he showed me that he had put it on the front page of his website. As of now, I'm working to build my portfolio even more, build my business and put more tools in my toolbox by learning about 2D mapping and 3D mapping and will soon implement this into my business services.


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