After several years in the irrigation and landscape project management industry I decided to pursue my passion in film, photography and television full time. With the industry being over saturated it was hard for me to find full time work. So I started trying to find a way to separate myself from the heard. I have a close friend who purchased a drone he used for cinematography back in 2012. He let me fly it and I’ve had the bug ever since. The more I researched the drone industry the more I found there are many opportunities for me to apply my construction and project management background in the drone industry and still pursue my creative interest. A definite win win situation!

-FAA 107 Certified
-Talon Aerolytics Certified Cell Tower Inspector
-Certified Drone Repair Technician
-ASC Level 3 – Technical Repair and Controller Installation Certification
-ASC Premium – Technical Repair and Controller Installation Certification
-Backflow Installation and Repair Certificated
-Maintenance of Traffic Certification through Florida State DOT
-Toro School of Business Certification through University of Notre Dame
-Business Management Certification through Gwinnett Technical Institute
-Vocational Diploma in Graphic Arts through Open Campus Technical High School
-250+ hours of operational sUAV experience and counting
-The ability to conduct daily missions, flight planning and scheduling in a fast paced environment.
-Ability to fly in high speed and high stress environments.
-Ability to repair multi-rotor sUAV systems in a timely manner
-Ability to train and prep individuals for the FAA 107 exam.
-Proficient in DJI Go, DJI Groundstation Pro, Dronedeploy, Pix 4D, Skyward and Autopilot.
-Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro and Ableton
-Over 20+ years in the construction, irrigation, landscaping, hardscape and drainage field
-6+ years experience in on-site management, consulting, design and estimating.
-Extensive experience with most irrigation controllers available on the market including 2-wire/decoder systems.
-High security clearance.
-Strong verbal and concise written skills
-Small to heavy equipment experience
-Ability to multi-task and make quick changes in projects when necessary.
-Retail knowledge of commercial irrigation parts and tools.
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  Cinematography, Editing

  Real Estate

Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Droners Approved Pilot