About Louisiana Imaging Flight Technology (LIFT) LLC

Our vision with "LIFT" is to ensure and captivate every moment of life's adventure. Our services offer a wide variety of viewing description to meet your needs. "LIFT" mechanism will provide 4K smooth stunning cinematic photography and videography up close footage for better viewing of the world around you. These services may include footage viewing, different degree scenes for angle footage and extra-ordinary photos to capture life's precious moments. Our portfolio sections offer opportunities available for future capturing on landscapes, infrastructures, real estate, inspections and urban site qualities. We here at "LIFT" pay attention to detail and risk management is taken very seriously, we are Part 107 Licensed and fully insured.

This company is just the beginning of a long awaited venture. We here at "LIFT" consist of a independent contractor. My ambition comes with the ability, experience, and knowledge of providing the upmost customer service to all which may include footages from industrial, businesses, catastrophe disasters, news coverage, events, personal photos, inspections, surveys, 3D mapping and other sources to your needs. We have the latest software and drone technology to fulfill all of your specific desires.


New Orleans Cinematic

Construction Survey

Slidell Youth Footaball

Tower Inspection

Storm Damage Survey

Alexandria Fireworks