in addition to flying 180 hours of logged time for Cinematography and photography I have also flown Methane detection for British petroleum and Marathon Oil. In addition to that I also did leak detection on several hundred miles of pipeline in the Houston area. During this time I also tested prototype MWIR (medium wave infrared) and SWIR (shortwave infrared) sensor platforms for special research groups within BP and BPX. I have extensive time flying high temp flair stacks directly for the refineries in the Permian basin in western TX, we flew thermography scans of the insulation on the inside of the stacks and inspected for breaches at the stack seams. And for power lines I flew 1800 miles from southern Oregon to San Diego CA doing Wildfire prevention and Structure inspections for SOcal Edison and Pacific gas and electric. lastly I did Substation inspections in NAPA valley at several GEO-thermal plants and Hydroelectric facilities
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