About LK Flight

Here at K-State we are using UAV technology for Agricultural applications. Using modified near-infrared, thermal, hyper-spectral, and visible cameras to help determine specific variables in crop production. These variables include but are not limited to: pest infestation, plant health, plant foliage, plant water uptake, plant disease, yield estimations, and soil quality.
My UAV flying origins actually extend beyond KSU. I always found drones to be particularly interest, so I bought my own when I was an under-grad. I learned to fly it manually, so that I could understand how they behaved and how to manage them properly. It just so happened that the Bio and Ag Department was looking for a UAV flight operator to help them last summer. So I gave them my info, and a pitch. A few weeks later I received the job. Since then I have been exposed to many more types of UAVs and tasks, most of which are very technical.
What ever job you are dreaming up, I'm sure I can help make it come to life. Let's get to work!

Lukas Koch


Footage of UAV