About Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc.

Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc. has flown millions of survey miles throughout the United States on projects with varied specifications. We have four locations; Philadelphia, PA (headquarters), Tyler, TX, Tucson, AZ and Los Angeles, CA. The Flight Department has considerable experience collecting airborne imagery at high and low altitudes in several formats including digital, film and LiDAR.
Keystone has become an industry leader in the safe and legal use of Unmanned Aerial Systems(UAS) as a remote sensing and mapping tool. In early 2015, we became one of the select companies in the US to be given permission by the FAA to legally fly UAS for Aerial Survey applications. Through a proud partnership with Altavian Systems, we own and operate the Nova F6500 fixed-wing aircraft under our Section 333 Exemption and blanket COA. Also included in this exemption and its amendments are our rotorcraft or vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) systems that are flexible and efficient.Included in the VTOL fleet are the DJI Martice 600, SteadiDrone Mavrik X8 Rotocopter, and the DJI Inspire.
In September of 2016, Keystone transitioned smoothly into operations as a Part 107 UAS flyer with several missions taking place in the first weeks under the new rules. On October, 3rd 2016, we became one of the first commercial Part 107 UAS operators to receive a Class D airspace authorization from the FAA. In addition to this, Keystone remains as one of the only commercial Part 107 UAS operators to provide large scale surveillance of suspension bridges as well as other infrastructure.

FAA Section 333 Exemption # 11472B


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