About Priceless Crisis Productions

I have been flying sUAS for roughly 5 years now. I wanted to break into bigger markets and decided to take the part 107 test to become a fully legal business entity. Before I started flying drones/quadcopters, I worked as a helicopter maintainer for 6 years in the ARMY. By the time I purchased my first sUAS, I had a complete working knowledge of the physics and mechanics of rotor based flight. After perfecting my technique and finishing my contract with the ARMY, my wife and I moved to Orlando, FL.

While in Orlando, I earned my Masters degree in business an I mastered my DSLR & aerial photography/videography techniques. I now have a production company (Priceless Crisis Productions) that offers turnkey video/photo services for content creators and the small to medium-sized business market here in Central Florida. I have experience in several fields of aerial imagery. I have produced content for music videos, commercials, event promotions, reality ads, land mapping, home/roof inspections and multiple marketing ventures.


My Demo Reel