Proactive professional with nearly 20 years of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) experience and over +2,400 combat hours on ten diverse TUAS/SUAS/TMS platforms. Possess a proven knowledge of lifelong learning, training, development, and performance evaluation.

Current Position

Principal Technical Support Specialist (Federal)

- Serve as the conduit with Skydio and Federal and Enterprise customers, with the ability to promptly address all advanced technical support questions our customers may have.
- Manage technical escalations into the Skydio Fed team, Product Support, and Engineering. Expert on Skydio products inside and out, and I proactively seek clarity on areas of confusion that are of interest to our customers.
- Work closely with internal teams and serve as an expert on Skydio’s products, processes, specifications, and product roadmap. Own the Federal segment of the enterprise business, working closely with Sales and CS teams to deliver top-quality customer support and build support processes relevant to these verticals.
- Work directly with product teams to communicate common break/fix points and prioritize and understand development timelines. Work with our Product Support Engineering teams to bridge any gaps between the data and learning from our support and engineering teams.

Prior Experience:

Air Force Special Operations Command
Senior Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operator

- Applied aviation skills, experience, and subject matter expertise to assist and advise the Government in developing SUAS guidance, policy, and procedures for USAF units, USSOCOM components, AFSOC staff, and AFSOC subordinate units.
- Observed, participated, and, when requested, operated UAS in support of research, testing, evaluation, or experimentation to support USAF units and USSOCOM.
- Coordinate with USAF units, USSOCOM, its components, and other functional divisions within HQ AFSOC to ensure all UAS operational issues and requirements were identified, staffed, and resolved.
- Provided subject matter expertise during operational planning meetings and war gaming events to ensure UAS infusion into theater training scenarios and military and civil contingency operations.
- Serve as the U.S. Air Force Action Officer for SUAS Cyber Exemption Waivers and processes, working daily with the Office of the Secretary of Defense as well as serving as the sole POC for the U.S. Air Force.

UAS/TMS Instructor Operator

- Operated and provided instruction on Tactical Missile Systems (TMS) and tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems (TUAS) in the field. Ensured all TMS flightand ground operations followed established procedures and were conducted safely.
- Operated and instructed on Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) and tactical missile Systems (TMS) in the field
- Conducted all necessary UAS and TMS, equipment, and material inventoried.
- Immediately advised Mission Coordinators (MC), customer representatives, and controlling authorities of any changes affecting the planned UAS/TMS training flight operations.
- Maintained proper operational status of UAS/TMSs and supporting operational systems.
- Maintained situational awareness of the air vehicle's location, in-flight status, and threats to the aircraft from the air and ground
- Constantly monitored weather on-site and along intended flight paths.
- Continually re-evaluated risk assessments & took appropriate actions to mitigate any elevated risk levels.
- Completed all documentation required for flight operations, equipment operational status, data collection, and post-flight procedures.
- Captured critical information for input into after-action reports and lessons learned databases.
- Effectively led, trained, and mentored small groups of students in meeting course objectives.
- Applied company policies and procedures to resolve complex issues.
- Determined methods and procedures for new assignments and coordinate activities.

US Army
Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations Technician Platoon Leader

-Platoon Leader of a multi-mission-capable RQ-7B Shadow V2 Tactical Management Unmanned Aircraft System Platoon, accountable for over $20,000,000 worth of equipment.
-Managed the safety, maintenance, and reporting programs; coordinated UAS airspace frequencies, and requirements to facilitate UAS operations. Managed UAS logistical requirements, and interface with appropriate UAS system managers. Acted as the Army liaison for UAS missions; assist command staffs at all levels with analysis of UAS data to satisfy aggregate priority requirements and served as an advisor and subject matter expert for all UAS related issues.
-Identified requirements for the tactical employment of RQ-7Bs, MQ-1C's, RQ-11B/DDL, and RQ-20B at all levels of command and provides options to commanders pertaining to the use of TUAS. Supervised TUAS operations to include mission planning, launch/recovery, aerial reconnaissance, and target detection, development and engagement.

US Army
UAS Manager/Operator

-Managed the integration and training of small UAS vehicles, systems, and associated technologies, including Raven/Puma/Phoenix 30/DJI Phantom, into the U.S. Army’s Fires Center of Excellence.
-Served as the organization's first UAS Warrant Officer. Developed proposals, and assisted with and served as the technical lead during the integration and doctrine development process, making important decisions concerning product features, complexity, and training times.
- Maintained an inclusive, diverse, creative environment that fostered big ideas and innovation, employing iterative, incremental, spiral, and agile development models. Field testing unique autonomous robotic systems, with attention to regulatory and safety concerns that are seated with the Fires Center of Excellence’s mission statement.
- Assisted with obtaining and maintaining SUAS Master Trainer status for designated Army personnel. Operated within a system safety management plan, and performed duties as mandated by a flight and ground operations guide.
- Participated in and conducted mission briefings, and created and submitted flight plans, including airspace and land requests.

U.S. Army
Small Group Leader/Senior Army Instructor

- Served as a subject matter expert for all Course Management Plans (CMP)and Programs of Instruction (POI,) training and maintaining instructor.
- Responsible for the well-being, safety, professional and best performance out of any development, and training of 16 Soldiers on a 22-day recurring cycle, performing nine cycles a year.
- Managed all resources related to training and ensured the environment was conducive to learning per the Army Learning Model 2015 and the 21st Century Soldier Competencies.
- Facilitated the small group learning process and assess the performance of each student.• Led and counseled up to 110 Non-commissioned Officers annually in leadership skills, the technical and tactical aspects inherent to their specific military Occupational Specialty.

U.S. Army
Raven/Puma SUAS Operator/Manager

- Piloted over 2,400 combat flight hours in Regional Command East Afghanistan with the Raven and Puma SUAS. Called for Fire using White Phosphorous (WP), High Explosive (HE), and Illumination (ILA) 155mm and120mm rounds during direct and indirect fires utilizing the PUMA SUAS. Provided over-watch support while maneuvering through treacherously rugged hostile locations, raids, Key leader Engagements, and patterns of life analysis.
- Supervised and operated the Raven and Puma, supporting systems gathering intelligence for mission planning, mission sensor/payload operations, launching, remotely piloting, and recovering the aerial vehicle. Prepared and conducted air reconnaissance missions, Operated mission sensor/payload for target detection, and planned and analyzed flight missions.
- Operated and performed operator-level maintenance on avionics, body repair, and mission-essential flight equipment. Launched and recovered the air vehicle, and performed pre-flight, in flight, and post-flight checks and procedures. Directed the emplacement of the ground control station as well as the location for launch and recovery operations. Supervised and assisted in air frame repair.Coordinated evacuation and replacement of parts and end items.

Qualifications and Awards:
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
- Cavern Diver
- Deep Dive
- Underwater Navigator
- Peak Performance Buoyancy
- Wreck Diver
FLIR SUAS Level 1 Thermographer
PADI Open Water Diver
Skydio X2E/X2D/2+ Operator Qualified
Switchblade 300 Instructor Operator
FAA Part 107 SUAS License
Shrike UAS
Certified as OSRVT instructor/integrator
Certified OSHA 511
Aviation Safety Officer
DJI Phantom 4
Phoenix 30 SUAV
Curriculum Developer/Writer
RQ-7B V2 Shadow Payload/Sensor Operator
Small-Group Instructor
Raven-B SUAS
AUVSI Top Level 1 SUAS Pilot
BUQ Level 1 and 2 SUAS Pilot


Named #1 Warrant Officer out of 98 in Squadron for Performance
RQ-7B Platoon named highest flown and best performance out of any other Shadow Platoon in U.S. Army
Curriculum Developer of the Year Award for U.S. Army
Recipient of the Jarred C. Monti Leadership Award
Received award for most combat hours and utilization of SUAS, Aviation Branch
Citizen-Soldier of the year for the Wyoming Army National Guard
First U.S. Army Soldier to Fly Puma SUAS in Combat
Order of The Eagle Rising Bronze Medal
Combat Action Badge
Senior Army Instructor Badge
Basic Army Instructor Badge
Aviation Crew-member Badge
1 x Meritorious Service Medal
5 x Army Commendation
3 x Army Good Conduct Medals
2 x Army Achievement Medals


  • 320x256 Resolution
  • 9.1mm Lens
  • Skydio 2+ Enterprise
  • Skydio X2
  • Sony 1/3" 4K Color CMOS
  • Sony IMX577 1/2.3" 12.3MP CMOS
  • 1/1.3" CMOS
  • 4K Video
  • Indoor 3D Capture Camera
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Josh is a very professional pilot and he incorporated everything we needed or even provided us with more detail. Will definitely work with him in future.

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