EmpowerUAV is a San Diego based company of professionals that provide a variety of commercial drone services for solar, agriculture, construction, real estate, and other industries. The data we collect can be processed and used for things such as NDVI mapping, precision mapping, thermal inspections, precision agriculture, and general aerial photography and videography. As a part of the FAA safety team, we pride ourselves on being legally compliant and ensuring the safety of everyone with the projects we take on.
Drones are not just a hobby for us, our drive and professionalism allows us to provide high-quality aerial photos, maps, and much more.

As a team, we bring Aerial Photography / Videography Products to Southern California. We can handle large and involved jobs requiring aerial media or data. Professional products, timely output, and no outsourcing guarantees 100% customer satisfaction on a timely schedule. Wehave thermal/FLIR aerail cameras and 4K heavy lift cinematic capabilities.

I believe strongly in the power of photo and video documentation. I believe its applications are both a source of entertainment and a strong tool to aid in the operations of private business and government entities

I have been in the UAV industry since about 2013 during part 333 and once part 107 came around I got certified. Very knowledgable about the regulations to fly 100% legally.
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