We can capture detailed aerial imagery, video and aerial maps for a variety of industries:

Real Estate Agents - Home Images
Farm Managers (Crop Health, Cultivated Land Usage etc..)
City Managers
Construction Companies
Planned Projects or Projects Under Construction
Mining Companies
Or anyone needing updated aerial photographs

We also deploy our drones to facilitate several environmental consulting operations and inspections including:
Phase I Environmental Assessments
Updated Aerial Mapping

Soil Stock Pile Volume Calculations???
Cut Volume Calculations
Assessments of Large Tracts of Lands Such as Farms
Mining Reclamation and Remote Inspections of Claim Stakes
Easements and Right of Ways (ROWs)
Solar Array System Inspection
Tower and Building Inspections
Water and Geologic Resources
Remote hard-to-reach areas
Wetland Resources
Security Issues
Wellhead Assessments
Adjoining Commercial Property Liabilities
Power Lines
Oil and Gas Field Surveys
Parking Lot and Asphalt Inspections
Roof Inspections
Insurance Inspectionss
Ground measurements
Cellular Tower Inspections
Water Tower Inspections

Other uses include railroad derailments, search and rescue, updated imagery of phased-in developments, construction projects, and safety issues.

We can also shoot 4K videos of any of your projects or property listings including 360 degree views.

Hess Environmental can provide classroom instruction on drone operations.

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