About Jokers and Gents

I have been flying for over three years. Before I bought my first drone I used to build and race R/C cars both nitro and electric powered. I serve as the co-coordinator for my work's Drone Response Team (DRT). My duties with DRT included, creating flight tracking sheets as well as tracking flight hours, I develop training for a team of 12, Pilot in Charge of missions such as: public event over watch, SWAT call outs, Serving warrants, and disaster re-con. I fly with safety being the number one priority and will not think twice to cancel a flight if the mission will risk the public's safety. My flight experience included flying large drones like the DJI M-210 with dual gimbles and a sensor operator to flying smaller air frames like the Phantom 4. My missions will be flown using the phantom 4 and a spotter at all times. Thank you for taking time to learn about me. I look forward to being your pilot on your next mission.


Dog Chase

zuni horse boarding

Random Fall vid

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